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Phyllis Greenberg RN BSN

Professionally I graduated from UTHCS (formally UTCHS) Nursing School in 1989. As an RN I’ve always believed in looking first to solve issues naturally or wholistically, that’s why using CBD was such a perfect fit.  I began my journey with CBD July of 2017. I had a personal injury requiring surgery. 5 days post-op I was completely off narcotics and using CBD only for pain control with great success. I also used a CBD pain cream to very effectively reduce inflammation. Since being my own “guinea pig” I have recommended CBD to all my clients, friends and family. I have continued to do vast research on many different brands of CBD and to personally try many of them out. I have concluded an MCT oil is the best carrier, as it increases absorption of the CBD and the less ingredients added to the tincture the better quality and results you will receive. Our products are proudly all organic and good for you.  Let us help guide your journey to health and finding your inner peace with our wonderful range of CBD products.

Aleta Monroe, LMT, HTSM-P, Reiki Master

Coming from a background in alternative healthcare of 22+ years, I am always drawn more to natural remedies. I have found working with clients that are dealing with major issues will most likely find a balance of using alternative and regular medicine to meet their needs. My husband, George, and my personal journey with CBD began in 2014. George began to have issues with inflammation and blood sugar. His sister took control of the same issues using cannabinoid therapy. When George started having the same problems we did not have the option to use the same protocol that helped her being that cannabis was not legal in our state. That was our introduction to CBD. Over the next month we both started seeing positive results and have not looked back. We share with everyone we come in contact with how CBD has changed our lives. We have been involved in the movement from the beginning and have witnessed the growth, the changes in legislation, the guide lines for increased quality and education. We are walking examples how CBD has changed our quality of life. Our goal is to educate anyone who will listen on how a plant God put on this earth can help so many issues. Now with that being said, one thing should be perfectly clear - CBD IS NOT A CURE ALL. It works by creating a balance where your body can begin to heal itself by promoting "homeostasis".

Our Passion...
I’m so happy with the service from Healthy Hemp Inc. – my order was delivered quickly and the thought and care they put into their products really stands out. Plus, their support is just awesome!
Sean Shelby
Los Angeles, CA
Bought Healthy Hemp Inc. CBD as a birthday gift for a friend who uses it almost every day. Very good on delivery. Will purchase it again as a gift and for myself!
Lauren Sorensen
Phoenix, AZ
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